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Friday, 22 January 2016

Bradley Cooper Workout Routine

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Bradley Cooper Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Bradley being one of the hottest celebs of hollywood grooms his body with workouts.He embraces diverse workouts and doesn't give his body any reason to stop being flattered.The stud embraces 3-2-1 workouts,when he has to acquire swift results.

 Breakdown Of The Bradley Cooper Workout

Clearly,Cooper is a man who does more than just follow the instructions of his trainer and nutritionist,he actually listens too ! Recently he revealed his five top fitness commandments for getting in shape fast :-

  • Super-set everything to failure
A super-set describes doing two excercises back to back-e.g. pushups followed immediately by sit-ups.This not only saves your lot of time,it also means you get a great cardio workout from resistance training excercises.Take your sets to failur to trigger more muscle growth.Supersets feature heavily in Cooper's 3-2-1 workout which helps build muscle and strip fat in record time.
  • Don't cheat on your diet
Every time you cheat on your diet,the processed food you eat clogs up your fat burning mechanisms and slows your progress to a crawl.Eat clean for extended periods of time and you'll find your fat loss is faster and easier.Be consistent - shoot for at least six weeks of clean eating before you consider cheating.
  • Do drink protein shakes
Sweet tasting,protein shakes can help keep sugar cravings away while fuelling your muscles with the essential amino acids necessary for growth.Choose a good product free from too many artificial sweetners and choose whey protein isolate.
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  • Don't space out
Whatever workout you are doing stay focused.The same is true of your diet.Being mindful of what you are doing will prevent you from going aimlessly through the motions and will improve your results.Focus on the now and what you are trying to achieve in the future.Set goals and stick to them.
  • Drink plenty of water
Drink lots of water - it helps keep you hydrated,ensures your body is healthy and cleansed and even prevents carb and sugar cravings.Drink even more if you are excercising hard or live somewhere hot.

Bradley Cooper Fat Burning Ways

For conditioning and fat loss, Cooper uses a 3-2-1 approach to his workouts which is quite unusual but very effective.Each 3-2-1 workout is made up of six 10-minute sections,three cardio,two strength and one core hence 3-2-1.If you want to try this workout but consider yourself a beginner,use 5-minute sections instead so your workout last 30-minutes rather than the A-teamers 60-minutes marathon.
  • Cardio (10 minutes of steady paced running)
  • Strength Training (10 minutes cicuit of squats,pull-ups and bench press)
  • Cardio(10 minutes of high intensity sprints)
  • Strength Training (10minute circuit of dead lifts,push-ups,dips)
  • Cardio(10 minutes of steady pace running)
  • Core (10 minutes of planks,V-holds,stability ball crunches)
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Besides above all,don't blindly rely on expensive protein supplements.Very often,pricey protein supplements are assumed to be better,which is a complete myth.That being said,protein supplements can seldom be compared to proteins obtained from natural sources.
Companies usually leave no stone unturned to advertise their supplements.They try to allure you by showing tempting outcomes,which are not always true.

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