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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Kim Kardashian Workout Routine

Kim Kardashian Workout Routine

Kim Kardashian Workout Regime

Kim kardashian is serious with her workouts.Kim works hard to maintain her hourglass figure.To get Kim's curvaceous body,fans can follow her workout and diet plan.She takes help from her personal trainer Gunnar Peterson and works out two times a day.

According to Peterson,Kim along with her brother Robert Kardashian,does the following workout :-


  • She runs on the treadmill.
  • Does cardiovascular excercise.
  • Kim alternates cardio intervals with ab,upper body and lower body excercises.This Kim's heart rate up,maximizes fat loss and tones her muscles.


  • Does Pilates or strength training.
  • Complete strengthening circuits at least three times each weeks.
  • Her circuits consist of lunges,squats,push-ups,curls,shoulder presses,high kicks and other strengthening moves.
  • In between these excercises,she jump rope,dance or do jumping jacks to keep her body in fat burning mode.
You can perform some Pilates excercises like Kim does.As she has great butt (39 inches),you can achieve somewhat like that by implementing this hips,legs and thighs focused Pilates workout.

  1. Pelvic Curl - This excercise works as a gentle warm up for the abdominals and spine.It coordinates the breath and movement and works the lower body.
  2. Heel Beats - It is one of the best butt excercise,which works and strengthens the harmstrings,upper back and lower back.
  3. Pilates Swimming - It is the challenging and fun excerxise,which brings all the body parts into play.
  4. Double Leg Kick - It is a powerful back extension excercise which requires a support from whole body.It targets the back extensors and hamstrings.It is considered a intermediate level excercise.

Kim Kardashian Workout Routine - Drygym
She's also excercising,so she'll sculpt her body with a personal trainer and lose 40 lbs. of fat with us, and if it's two to 3 lbs. a week it will take a couple months.
To get there,Kardashian West is following the Atkins 40 program,which allows her more carbohydrates to restore her energy while she's breastfeeding Saint.Along with the mostly protein and vegetable heavy diet,Heimowitz says Kardashian West can nosh on low glycemic fruits like berries and get healthy fats from Greek yogurt,small portions of cheese and nuts and olive oil.

Conclusion And Tags

Kim Kardashian Workout Routine - Drygym
She has a very eclectic fitness routine and I am very flexible with my workout.I create my own workout and prefer getting my workouts done in the morning.I love booking classes when I am travelling abroad as well.Fitness is all about feeling good.If you stagnate in your training,you tend to go nowhere.To benefit from your workouts you need to figure out what your body enjoys and what you can have fun with.My body loves Pilates and I do yoga as well.I don't like kick boxing.A good trainer tops my priority list.

Eat well,Sleep well,work out and pamper yourself once in a while.We should just embrace ourselves and learn to know and love our body and work out on the needs,only If we feel the need,otherwise there is no stress.

Don't be a fashion victim and just be you.Eat right and always make time to work out either at the gym or even at the comfort of your own house.

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