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Monday, 1 February 2016

Sania Mirza Workout Plan And Diet Plan

Sania Mirza Workout Plan And Diet Plan - Drygym
Sania Mirza is an Lawn tennis player.She is among the top ranking female players in the world and has won many tournaments and medals.Sania Mirza is the highest ranked female tennis player of India.She also happens to be the first Indian to win a WTA Tour of any kind.She also won the Mixed Doubles in 2012 French Open - Mixed Doubles Event which was her second Grand Slam title.She has been named in the list of 33 women who made India Proud by Economic Times and she is also the present brand ambassador of the newly-formed state of Telangana in India.

Sania Mirza was the most controversial celeberity of the year 2011 because she get married with the captain of Pakistani Former cricket player Shoaib Malik and electronic media of both countries give a big coverage to every moment of their life till their wedding day.Now some of TV channels are also shouting about Sania Mirza divorce and unknown scandals,but there is no official response from Sania Yet given About these rumours?

Sania Mirza Workout Routine

Sania Mirza Workout Plan And Diet Plan - Drygym
She says that she is a sports woman and it is a fact that tennis is a difficult game.Therefore,Sania manages to stick to a perfect diet plan as well as a workout regimen.She also admits that it gets difficult to maintain her excercise routine at times but she does not compromise on her physical fitness and gives total priority to her workout and watches her diet.She says that the secret behind her perfect game and firness of her body is due to her diet which consists of natural foods that are full of vitamins and proteins as she requires more energy to play well in the game of tennis.

Sania maintains a very strict workout schedule that includes gym,running and aerobics.She goes to the gym four times in a week and spends three hours in the workout session.Apart from that,she also runs on treadmill and also goes for long runs and sprints.Although there are many other tennis players like Maria Sharapova has the strict workout schedule as well.

Sania has now switched to playing doubles in tennis.She says that she and her partner Mahesh Bhupathi usually take bland plasta before they go in for a match as they require carbs during all the running around that they do in their matches.

Fitness has different definitions for everybody.But for Sania,the most important thing is to be healthy.As a tennis player,they have to really push their bodies which leads to abusing their bodies.They wish to avoid any injuries and be fit for their game.
When she is not playing tennis,she makes sure to train for 5-6 hours a day.
Sania Mirza Workout Plan And Diet Plan - Drygym
When she is not playing,Sania gets up at around 6 a.m. and goes for her physical training.She then comes home and has breakfast after an hour.She reaches the tennis court by 8 a.m. and plays for 2 and half hour till 10:30 a.m. , She then goes back home and takes rest.She is again back at the court at 2 p.m and plays untill 4:30 p.m.After the game she is again back to physical fitness till 6:30 p.m so,she does a total of three hours of physical training in a day.The training is of different kinds,3-4 times a week gym,endurance and agility and some speed work at other times.

Diet Plan Of Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza Workout Plan And Diet Plan - Drygym
The top ranked Indian woman player said that her diet depends on whether it is season for the game or it is the off-season.When in ther season,Sania takes a lot of carbs as there is a great amount of energy that is needed to play the game.Whereas while training in the off-season,Sania says that she eats more protein and cuts down on the carbs.

Otherwise,on a daily basis,she tends to eat in moderation and does not believe in going extreme way on her food,similar to the diet plan of Samantha Ruth Prabhu.But,once in a while she bringes on cake in a while so that she doesn't feel deprived.Then,she goes for a jog for 25 minutes rather than 15 minutes the next day.

She has a great stamina and does not have a tendency to put on weight.So even if she eats meat,which she is very fond of,she more than makes up burning it in the physical workout that the game of tennis gives her or even otherwise when she is training in the gym.

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This was the Sania Mirza Work routine,we got from our various resources and researchers.Kindly take advice from your gym trainer before following this workout routine.We hope it will help you.Kindly Share this article on Google Plus,Facebook,Twitter etc to gratify us.

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